With several years of study over, The Private Therapy Practice will be coming soon!

I am an NCPS member and work in a person-centred way, and following several different placements will be embarking on private practice, working online and face-to-face in Essex. I will be available face-to-face for counselling in rooms in Southend-On-Sea and Rochford. So you can choose what feels most comfortable, and convenient for you.

In addition to this, there will be upcoming blog posts. Examining various subjects, such as the purpose of seeking counselling and the various types of private therapy or counselling available. They will also discuss what you can anticipate during private counselling sessions and provide guidance on selecting the right counsellor for your needs.

I hope to write about the benefits of person-centred counselling, what it might look like in real life. I want to dispel the idea that it’s only for a certain kind of person, or that it has to go on for months and months. Hopefully, I can remove any previous stigma that you may have around going for counselling. It can be for anyone!

Why else will there be blog posts?

By writing regularly, I hope you can get a feel for who I am as a practitioner, and whether I might be a good fit for you; after all – we are all human. By getting to know me, you may feel that I am a good fit and that you’d like to come and work with me. If you aren’t sure, a short phone call and an initial session should give you a good idea of whether or not you’d like to dip your toes further, and there is absolutely no obligation to continue if it doesn’t feel quite right. You know yourself best. If you’d like to get in touch, just click here for details.

I look forward to sharing ideas, events and musings with you via the medium of words as I embark on my journey into private practice. Hopefully, I can make your journey to investing in private therapy easier!

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