Breaking Free from Toxic Relationship Patterns

What are toxic relationship patterns? A toxic relationship is one that consistently undermines your sense of well-being, happiness and/or safety. You may find yourself in a pattern of relationships that affect your emotional and mental health. Signs of toxic relationships are relationships that: Identify Patterns It can help to identify toxic relationship patterns by taking […]

7 Reasons to have counselling – before you hit a crisis point.

Reasons to have counselling – there can be so many. But a conversation recently struck me, after talking with some friends. That many people don’t think of it as something you do unless you’ve ‘reached the end of your tether’. And I thought this was quite sad. Like many people, you may not have considered […]

How long will you have to have counselling for?

  Knowing how long will you have to have counselling for is tricky! It’s something that isn’t spoken about a lot in counselling. I think this is highlighted more recently within the UK, especially when people go to their GP for counselling. When you want to have some support for your mental health there are […]

5 Things You Can Do Before Counselling Sessions

List titled "Today" and numbers ready to add to

As a person-centred counsellor, I wanted to share 5 things you can do before counselling sessions. It might be the first time you’ve seen a counsellor, or perhaps you’ve had therapy before. Counselling is a collaborative process between the therapist and the client. I feel you are the expert in your experiences. Not me! However, […]