Knowing how long will you have to have counselling for is tricky! It’s something that isn’t spoken about a lot in counselling. I think this is highlighted more recently within the UK, especially when people go to their GP for counselling. When you want to have some support for your mental health there are waiting lists and vague information. You tend to get offered six sessions only. So there can be this sort of preconceived motion that you just have 6 sessions wherever you go! You might be wondering what’s the norm though.

Is it different when you get private therapy?

The lovely thing about going private is you can have as much or as little as you want. Also, it helps if you bear in mind that counselling isn’t done by magicians. (I know, we’re humans too). If you’ve got situations or circumstances in your life that need time, a little bit of patience can help. Be realistic about the fact that you may not come in for a one-off session and walk away, feeling like the world changed for you overnight.

That said – some clients benefit from a one-off session. An hour spent with someone who’s genuinely listening cares and isn’t going to interrupt or tell you what to do can feel like a massive relief! Sounds good, right?

A lot of people decide that they want to do this work over a longer-term basis. Some feel the changes that they make in their lives are more likely to be long-standing. Having ongoing support helps. It’s the development of that relationship between us that enables them to have a safe space to talk things through. In addition to this, counselling enables them to think about what’s going on for them. Regular sessions improve their ability to notice their feelings and begin to feel them more deeply. And it’s a beautiful thing to watch across the time that I work with them.

Is short-term counselling less effective?

Long-term counselling can create lasting change and a deeper therapeutic relationship. But, that doesn’t mean that the short-term work isn’t just as satisfying! Some clients come in and know exactly what they want to work on. You may be one of those people where you know that there’s a particular issue. You just want to speak to somebody else about it. So you book some counselling. You have a few sessions, you feel better. You feel like you’ve got a new direction to go in and I’ll see you go again and that’s lovely.

If you’re considering counselling, you might have questions. It can’t hurt to have a chat with me or another counsellor to decide what you want to do. You can always have a few sessions and see where it goes for you. (Click here to get in touch) It may be that you decide actually you really like having someone to check-in. I want to do this once a month regardless of what’s going on for me just so that I’ve got that space that is just for me. 

What about online?

Something I love about counselling online is that my clients get flexibility. They choose the way they fit sessions into life. They’re not having to travel. They can do it in their lunch break. They can do sessions after they’re done working from home. Whilst their kids are out. It’s not so much of an interruption it doesn’t matter where we are geographically. We can still work together, which is nice.

So how long will you have counselling for? 

There’s not a one-size-fits-all answer in my response. You can have counselling for as long as it feels right for you. If you feel done – chances are, you might be, and your counsellor should help you finish your sessions appropriately.

If you’ve still got questions or would like to talk about counselling with me click the button below.